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It is such a group that changes the world
They have great ambition and vision
And work towards their goal step by step
They look for the paradise of dream
When they can’t find it
They create it with their hands

Story of Liu Feng, Fastwheel CEO

  • 12 year old     Electronic-pendulum color ball
    As a child I was living in my parents’ waste depot. Since they could not afford toys, I had to use the wastes there to create some. At Grade six, I took advantage of the magnetic levitation to invent the electronic-pendulum color ball which was able to swing and change the color with music. It is also a masterpiece in my childhood.
  • 14year old     Ultrasonic-wave road obstacles alarm
    During the second year of my Junior high school, I read the TV news about “pedestrians falling into the construction pit at night”, so I used the principle about bat recognizing objects while flying to invent the ultrasonic road barrier siren. The ultrasonic probe radiates ultrasonic wave outward, and will give off alarming sound when someone is within the range of 20 meters, so as to warn pedestrians against danger.
  • 15year old     Electronic keyboard gloves
    • When learning bamboo flute in middle school spare time, I could not help tapping by fingers for practice. Just in winter when I wore gloves, I had a sudden whim -- how nice it would be if gloves could play music! So I invented a pair of electronic keyboard gloves that would make different tones by different finger-tapping. People thus are able to play music whenever and wherever possible without instrument
  • 16year old     Telepathy device
    • In high school, I was struck by the first love. But I was too shy to express my affection and hold the girl’s hand. So I engrossed myself in developing the telepathy device. When they put their hands on the device and the boy held the girl’s other hand by his other hand, a loving heart on the device would be lightened and the girl’s “mind” would be displayed on the screen at the same time. (Sadly, my classmate took it from me for courtship before I had the chance to use it...)
  • 18year old     Voice conversation Fuwa
    During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, I was tired of seeing the machine-made toy Fuwa on the market and invented a set of “Fuwa robots” that could make conversation with people. Users are able to get answers to dozens of questions about Olympics from the robot and guide it to go forth or back by utterance.
  • 19year old     Rescue robot
    • Just before the college entrance examination, the May 12 Wenchuan earthquake struck China. Countless compatriots lost their lives and the rescue work was beset with obstacles. I was so busy with my last-year study in high school that I could not spare time going to the disaster area. I was anxious and grieved and decided to give full play of my talent to create a rescue robot. Although the college entrance examination was approaching, I devoted myself to producing the robot as soon as possible and gave up the examination preparation.
  • 19year old     Failed the college entrance examination, but still admitted
    • I failed the college entrance examination as expected for lack of enough preparation. The media at an invention meeting happened to be informed of my unfortunate failure and reported my story, hoping that could draw attention from universities. Luckily, some universities expressed their interest in me after learning my story, and I got the opportunity to receive higher education.
  • 20year old     Campus start-up trial (Taobao , food store and digital store)
    I began campus startup when I entered the university: as I found magic props hard to buy after I had learned some knowledge about magic, I opened a Taobao store specialized in magic props; I also opened a digital 3C store in the room which I was awarded in the campus startup competition; in addition, I opened a food store in the campus canteen. Before graduation, I’d earned the first bucket of money.
  • 22year old     Cheated in a joint business on tall building device
    • As a graduate surrounded by “glories”, I felt quite self-satisfied and let myself convinced by a nonlocal businessman who described a rosy prospect. I started to cooperate with him. I spent half a year on the development of our first project, “tall building escape device”; however, my partner swindled the sample and drawings out of me and was never seen again. I threw the hard-earned 100,000 yuan and nearly one-year precious time into it.
  • 23year old     Developed the manned balance car prototype
    • After the failure of my first start-up, I decided to search for opportunities down south in Shenzhen where I had a chance to drive a manned two-wheeled balance car. I became so addicted to the vehicle, and my graduation project happened to be about balance car. As it sold as high as 80,000 yuan, I decided to return to Nanjing to start a new business. Cooperation with former schoolfellow, hard work in workshop and months of efforts all contributed to the first prototype vehicle with perfect performance and experience.
  • 25year old     Established Fastwheel and released the annual product EVA
    After the prototype was successfully developed, many industrial elites joined my team. we have accumulated massive R & D strength and experience, and gradually established the team culture of ultimate pursuit. In 2014, the team received the joint angel investment from Xu Xiaoping’s ZhenFund and GeekFounders belonging to Jiang Tao, CSDN President. In August, EVA entered the R & D plan. Insisting on the team culture of ultimate pursuit, EVA sticks to the design concept of “elaborate design, prominent performance and great portability”. It is the most sincere self-balance single-wheel product offered by Fastwheel in 2014.
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