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Anti-theft mechanism / firmware update / Bluetooth remote control / traveling track
Anti-theft mechanism

One-key locking, location reminder, intelligent searching, vehicle motion alarm
omnibearing anti-theft mechanism are integrated to guarantee the safety of vehicle;
anti-theft mechanism combined with the vehicle locator will immediately be activated
uponany unauthorized motion and send message to your cellphone.。

Firmware update

The high-speed Bluetooth communication system connects easily the cellphone to the
vehicle. Mobile internet allows update of system firmware and offers easy, convenient and
effective access to the latest firmware of Fastwheel anytime and anywhere.

Bluetooth remote control

4.0 Bluetooth is the latest version of existing commercial technology, which is
characterized by faster transmission rate, stable wave band and super-low power consumption.
The technology is used for connecting the cellphone with the vehicle and realizing all
high-speed data transmission between cellphone and vehicle, including remote control,
horizontal alignment and firmware update.

Traveling track

Every segment of the road you’ve covered will be recorded.
GPS real-time positioning allows your route to appear on the map.
The interesting mileage ranking function provides you with opportunity
to know more friends playing the device.

Fastwheel APP

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