Full arc body, a design free of screw holes

Not only to catch your eyes, but to make your legs comfortable

LED lamp, highlighted display screen

Help you check the vehicle condition anytime and anywhere

EVA is connected to your cellphone via Bluetooth. Cellphone is the key used to lock the vehicle. After locking, if the vehicle is moved, it will vibrate and give whistle alarming, and your cellphone will receive the alarming notice. It is also your instrument panel that displays the current speed of the vehicle on the cellphone screen.

The Bluetooth remote control function can turn the balance car into a remote control car. The built-in function diagnosing the vehicle condition will automatically sound alarm upon any abnormal cases and provide suggestion on solutions. You may also use your cellphone to upgrade the balance car, or limit the vehicle speed and carry out other customization functions.

  • Bluetooth control
  • Dashboard
  • Location
  • Light color
  • System upgrade
  • Course

Quadruple safety protection

Over-speed protection, low voltage protection, overturning protection and idling protection
Press the button to make EVA your guarding angel

One hour fast charging to output stable voltage

Large-capacity lithium battery to provide stable power

Large energy density, high output voltage on average, allowing fast
charging and discharging, fully charged in just one hour, with excellent
cycle performance in service life 2~2.5 times longer than that of ordinary battery

Traveling four times faster than walk

High-performance motor

It must be beyond your imagination that a small device weighing only 10kg has such high performance and can run at a rate of 20km/h. It not only allows you to travel at a speed four times faster than by foot, but also provides excellent stability and dynamic balance that help you get across a 15-degree slope or low barrier with ease.

It is robust, reliable and stable because of its high-standard configuration. Two direct-driven motors have a total output power up to 700W, with instant power higher than 2,000W.

Super-strong load bearing, super-light dead load

The body framework and pedal are made up of aerial alloy materials. It becomes very solid and light after processing. A well processed framework is able to sustain pressure of 100kg, and weighs only one third of ordinary material.

Anti-skidding vacuum tire, hub made up of magnesia alumina alloy

A good horse deserves a good saddle. Tire and hub are crucial to the safety and comfort of vehicle. That is why the engineer insists on better tire and alloy hub for EVA, so that the stability and traversing capability can be significantly improved. The tire lines designed based on engineering calculation provides it with better performance in preventing skidding and absorbing shock.

Scientific big bang

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